Creation of the Anangu Landscape

Wanampi, the rainbow serpent, carved out the Head of Bight landscape after a journey from the red desert country, hundreds of kilometres north. Wanampi carved out the rolling hills and subterranean caves as he was chased from waterholes by goanna men from the north. The landscape is marked with Wanampi’s passage south and the men from local clans stand at Wati Tjutaku (place of all the men) looking down on the serpent escaping across the Nullarbor Plain.

The goanna men speared the serpent hiding in a rock hole at Pedinia Lake two hundred kilometres north. The serpents shaped the lake and his blood spilled to form a large red claypan as he writhed to escape and go underground from his attackers. The Plain is dotted with sites where Wanampi pushed out of the ground to see the goanna men still in pursuit.

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