Is the Yalata Roadhouse open?

The Yalata Roadhouse and caravan park were closed in 2005 after the discovery of asbestos in the Roadhouse.

How far is Yalata from Ceduna?

It is 200 Kms to the Yalata Roadhouse from Ceduna.

How far is Head of Bight from Yalata?

Head of Bight is 90 Kms from the old Yalata Roadhouse.

How far is Head of Bight from the Nullarbor Roadhouse?

Head of Bight is 15 Kms from the Nullarbor Roadhouse.

How far is it from the White Well Ranger Station to Head of Bight?

It is 10 Kms from the White Well Ranger Station to the Head of Bight car park.

What is the road access to Head of Bight?

The road is bitumen, highway standard.

What restrictions apply to visitors?

Alcohol and firearms are not permitted on the Yalata Indigenous Protected Area.

What is the best time to view the whales?

While any time during the day is suitable, early morning and late afternoon is ideal. On cloudy days observation is more difficult.

How long do I have to wait to see a whale?

We strongly suggest you allow at least one hour for observation of the whales. The longer you stay the greater the experience.

Where can I get current whale information?

During May to October please call the Visitor’s Centre (08) 8625 6201 or the Ceduna Tourism Information Centre 1800 639413.

Can I camp at Head of Bight?

There are no camping facilities at Head of Bight. Although the large car park allows many campervans and caravans to stay overnight. See our page on camping and fishing for more details about camping in Yalata.

What do I need to bring?

All camping supplies are required by visitors including power and water. We encourage all visitor to bring a first aid kit, vehicle recovery kits and wherever possible, emergency communication devices. See our page on what to consider.

Where can I camp?

Camping is permitted in designated camp grounds only. Due to the remoteness of the Yalata coastline, there are no toilet facilities or water supplies at camp grounds. We request that toilets be constructed at least 50 meters away from camp grounds and encourage environmentally responsible disposal methods wherever possible. For protection of the environment, all rubbish must be brought back with you (rubbish bins are available at Yalata Roadhouse if required.)

Do I need any permits?

Yes see our page on permits and booking.

What are permit fees used for?

Your purchase of a visitor permit enables the Yalata Land Management officers to:

  • Work full time (wages).
  • Undergo education and training programs.
  • Carry out maintenance, patrols and repairs within¬†the Yalata Indigenous Protected Area.
  • Conduct community based conservation projects throughout the Yalata Indigenous Protected Area.