What You’ll Need

Permits & Bookings

If you plan on camping or fishing within the Yalata Indigenous Protected Area (IPA), you’ll need to book and receive a permit. Please see our permits and bookings page for more information.

What to Consider

Yalata IPA is extremely remote, so you should consider your safety. The closest phones are at least 70 km away, further there is no mobile coverage from the beaches. Should your vehicle become inoperable, you should be prepared to stay until a ranger patrol comes through so you’ll have to be prepared with adequate food and water for an extra long wait.

We cannot stress enough that this is a remote area and your safety depends upon your thorough preparation. The following is is a list of items you might wish to consider:

  1. Tyre Pressure: We recommend that you let your tyre pressure down to 30-35 pounds when driving on the tracks into Yalata IPA.
  2. Speed: We recommend that you drive at 40km/hour, keep left at rises and take blind corners at 10km/hour. Remember it takes a longer distance to stop on dirt and sandy tracks.
  3. Water: Take at least 4 litres of water per person per day.
  4. Clothing: Bring shade, sun-cream, sun glasses, clothes that cover 100% of your body, a hat for everybody, and old shoes.
  5. Communication: We recommend a satellite phone, or UHF radio (Channel 8).
  6. Equipment: If you’re fishing, don’t forget your supplies. We recommend enough tackle for a few rigs a day.

We strongly recommend that you don’t include alcohol in your travels, as it is an offence to posses or transport alcohol through Yalata IPA. A maximum fine of $2,000 may apply if this rule is broken.

It is also recommended that you draw up a check list of everything you need as we have had fishermen turn up without their reels! Your visit to Yalata IPA will be a wonderful unique experience as long as you are thoroughly prepared.


The weather is highly variable along the coast line and may be more extreme than predicted. However information below from the Bureau of Meteorology (taken at the Nullarbor Road House; which is 15 km inland from the cliffs) may be useful.

Month Daily Av Temp ºC Highest Daily Temp ºC Days where max >35ºC
Oct 24.5 45 3.2
Nov 25.6 45 3.7
Dec 26.3 46 4.5
Jan 27.9 48.5 5.5
Feb 28.2 45.8 5.6
Mar 26.8 42 3.9
Annual 23.7 48.5 28.3