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Entering Yalata Lands

Geues is located on Aboriginal owned land, managed by Yalata Anangu Aboriginal Corporation and the Yalata Land Management Unit for conservation of biodiversity and the sustainability of traditional cultures.

In order to manage the impacts of steadily increasing visitor numbers on Yalata Lands and to preserve vegetation and sacred sites, we have a strict Permit system to enter Yalata Lands.

We are proud of Our Land and are happy to share the experience of it with you. As there are rules and regulations which are abnormal to the surrounding lands, the issuing of permits ensures visitors are aware of their responsibilities. The full conditions of entry are listed here.

All funds collected through the Permit system help to aid our Land Management activities in the area and provides Rangers to ensure the Lands are protected, and the health and safety of visitors is overseen.

Issuing of Permits

Entry to Yalata Lands is only allowed once a Permit has been issued and is only valid for the named guests listed on the Permit.

Should there be any questions with your application, a Yalata staff member will contact you prior to issuing.

A booking payment receipt is not your Permit.

Permits will be issued via email within five working days of receiving and reviewing your application.


Bookings are to be made in advance and with pre-payment only, accepted online via Debit or Credit Card. Cash/EFTPOS upon arrival is not accepted and we no longer take Cheque or Money Orders.

Campsite availability is shown on each individual campsite page and bookings are only confirmed upon approved Permit being issued by Yalata Staff. We reserve the right to refuse or decline a booking and refuse entry onto Yalata Lands for any reason we so determine at our discretion. A full refund will be issued if this occurs.

The flat rate fee is $30.00 per person per night with no concession options available.

You are to camp at designated area(s) only, as written on the Permit and must vacate Campsite by 10am on day of departure.