About Us

Yalata is an Aboriginal Community located roughly 200 kilometres west of Ceduna and situated on the Far West Coast of South Australia, with a transient population of around 350 people.

Our Community comprises of Anangu who speak Pitjantjatjara language. We share a history of displacement, upheaval and survival. Our people have a deep connection with the Lands and commitment to Traditional lifestyles.

The Yalata Lands with its sandy plains, Mallee scrub and open woodland, covers roughly 450,000 hectares and spans approximately 150 kilometres of the Eyre Highway.

Popular for whale watching, camping, and fishing, a strict Permit system is in place to preserve sacred sites and ensure recreational activities cause minimum impact to our Lands.

Yalata is Aboriginal owned land, managed by Yalata Anangu Aboriginal Corporation to conserve the Lands and our Traditional Culture. It is an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA), which means it is managed by Indigenous groups as a protected area for conservation through voluntary agreements with the Australian Government. Rangers through the IPA program work for country and community including patrolling our beaches, fishing and hunting trails.

Where we are

Yalata is situated on the edge of the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia. Our Lands cover roughly 450,000 hectares located east to Fowlers Bay, west past Head of Bight towards the Western Australia border and north along the Trans-Australian Railway past Ooldea Mission and Maralinga.

Boasting some of the best remote surf fishing available in Australia, entry and camping is only permitted at designated campsites and monitored by a booking system to control visitor numbers. For more details, please see the camping & fishing page.

Yalata Community is closed to the public, and entry only permitted via a Permit system. For further information or to request an application form, please see Entry into Yalata Community