Conditions of Entry

By completing your booking to enter and stay on Yalata Lands, you are accepting all of the conditions of entry below:

  • Entry to Yalata Lands is only allowed once a Permit has been issued
  • Permit must be displayed on your dashboard, or on your person when absent from your vehicle, and must be presented upon request
  • The possession or consumption of alcohol while on Yalata Lands is strictly prohibited under Aboriginal Lands Trust Regulations 2014 of the Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 2013. Any alcohol found will be destroyed and result in removal and ban from Yalata Lands. This extends to empty alcohol cans and bottles which will also be taken as a breach of this policy, subject to the same consequences.
  • Firearms are not permitted on Yalata Lands
  • All vehicles entering Yalata Lands are required to have their registration number listed on the Permit. Vehicles must remain on designated marked tracks at all times, including sand dunes. This restriction extends to beach access, which is limited to 3km west of Hilton Campsite, and 3km east of Granites Campsite
  • Permit holders are responsible to take all rubbish and waste when leaving
  • To avoid disturbance to native wildlife, pets must remain in the car or on a leash
  • Permit holders must camp in designated areas only (as written on the Permit) and vacate sites by 10am on the day of departure
  • Permit holders shall not interfere with Aboriginal cultural heritage, flora and fauna
  • Visitors must obey any direction given by Yalata Rangers/staff, Fisheries or SA Police including presenting Photo ID
  • Yalata Anangu Aboriginal Corporation (YAAC) is not responsible for any personal injury or loss of personal property while visitors are on Yalata Lands
  • Film, video or photographs may not be taken for personal gain without prior permission from YAAC
  • Media and press members may not enter for work purposes without prior permission from YAAC
  • Upon request by Yalata rangers/staff, Fisheries or SA Police, all vehicles on or entering Yalata Lands can be searched for any prohibited goods
  • Yalata rangers/staff and other authorised officers have the right to revoke forthwith and without refund of a Permit upon reasonable suspicion of a breach of the above conditions or relevant federal and state laws. Any breaches to the above will also be reported to relevant authorities.

Failure to comply with any of these conditions will result in removal and ban from Yalata Lands.

For more information, please contact us.