Camping & Fishing

Yalata Beach Fishing

Yalata Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) provides some of the best natural dune camping areas available. It also lies adjacent to some of the best remote surf fishing available in Australia. Recreational fishing species include Mulloway, Snapper, Australian Salmon and Shark.

Our fisheries are an important resource that must be carefully and sustainably managed for future generations. We need to ensure our fisheries are managed in a manner consistent with the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development, with no overfishing and the recovery of overfished stocks.

We strongly encourage catch and release and ask that you follow these same principles when fishing our waters.

Yalata Campsite Locations

We offer 15 unique campsites, spread 40km along Yalata coastline. Each campsite is different from the other, ranging from 100-900m off the beach with several marked entry points allowing vehicle/ATV access directly onto the beach. See full campsite map below.

Yalata IPA is extremely remote, and you must ensure you are well prepared for any unforeseen events that may occur. The closest phones are at least 70 km away and no mobile coverage from the beaches/campsites. Should your vehicle become stuck, you should be fully equipped to recover the vehicle yourself,  or be prepared to wait over a day for Ranger Patrol to find you.

Pack at least four litres of water per person per day, shade, sun-cream, sun glasses, clothes that cover 100% of your body, a hat, shoes, satellite phone, UHF radio and adequate fishing equipment.

We cannot stress enough that this is an extremely remote area and your safety depends upon your thorough preparation.

Entering this Protected Area is only permissible with a pre booked Permit and camping at designated campsites only.

To book, click on the Red dot of the desired campsite on the below map, or click the large yellow button.

Conditions of Entry

By completing your booking to enter and stay on Yalata Lands, you are accepting all Terms and Conditions set out by Yalata. Failure to comply with any of these conditions will result in removal and ban from Yalata lands.

The possession or consumption of alcohol while on Yalata Lands is strictly prohibited under Aboriginal Lands Trust (Yalata Reserve) Regulations 2005 of the Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 1966. Any alcohol found will be destroyed and may result in removal and ban from Yalata Lands.

Full conditions of entry:

  • Entry to Yalata Lands only allowed once Permit is issued
  • Permit must be displayed on the dashboard of your vehicle or on person when absent from vehicle and must be presented upon request
  • Alcohol is not permitted on Yalata Lands under Aboriginal Lands Trust (Yalata Reserve) Regulations 2005 of the Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 1966
  • Firearms are not permitted on Yalata Lands
  • Vehicles must remain on designated marked tracks at all times including sand dunes
  • Permit holders will be responsible to take all rubbish and waste when leaving Yalata Lands
  • To avoid disturbance to native wildlife, pets must remain in the car or on a leash
  • Permit holders must camp in designated areas only (as written on the Permit) and vacate sites by 10am on day of departure
  • Permit holders shall not interfere with Aboriginal cultural heritage, flora and fauna
  • Visitors must obey any direction given by Yalata Rangers/staff, Fisheries or SA Police
  • Yalata Anangu Aboriginal Corporation (YAAC) is not responsible for any personal injury or loss of personal property while visitors are on Yalata Lands
  • Film, video or photographs may not be taken for personal gain without prior permission from YAAC
  • Media and press members may not enter for work purposes without prior permission from YAAC
  • Upon request by Yalata Rangers/staff, Fisheries or SA Police, all vehicles on or entering Yalata Lands can be searched for any prohibited goods
  • Yalata Rangers/staff and other Authorised Officers have the right to revoke forthwith and without refund of Permit upon reasonable suspicion of a breach of the above Permit Conditions or relevant Federal and State Laws. Any breeches to the above will also be reported to relevant Authorities.

Entering Yalata Lands

This is Aboriginal owned land, managed by Yalata Anangu Aboriginal Corporation and the Yalata Land Management Unit for conservation of biodiversity and the sustainability of traditional cultures. We are proud of Our Land and are happy to share the experience of it with you. We hope you will enjoy your visit.

The impacts of steadily increasing visitor numbers on Yalata Lands has become more significant through damage to vegetation and preservation of sacred sites. One strategy to ensure recreational activities cause minimum impact is to control visitor numbers through a strict Permit system.

The Permit system provides other benefits; There are rules and regulations which are abnormal to the surrounding lands, and issuing of permits ensures visitors are aware of their responsibilities. The full conditions of entry are listed below.

The funds collected help to aid our Land Management activities in the area as well as providing Rangers to ensure the Lands are protected and the health and safety of visitors is overseen.

Issuing of Permits

Entry to Yalata Lands is only allowed once a Permit has been issued and is only valid for the named guests listed on the Permit.

Should there be any questions with your application, a Yalata staff member will contact you prior to issuing.

A booking payment receipt is not your Permit.

Permits will be issued via email within five working days of receiving and reviewing your application.


Bookings are to be made in advance and with pre-payment only, accepted online via Debit or Credit Card. Cash/EFTPOS upon arrival is not accepted and we no longer take Cheque or Money Orders.

Campsite availability is shown on each individual campsite page and bookings are only confirmed upon approved Permit being issued by Yalata Staff. We reserve the right to refuse or decline a booking and refuse entry onto Yalata Lands for any reason we so determine at our discretion. A full refund will be issued if this occurs.

The flat rate fee is $30.00 per person per night with no concession options available.

You are to camp at designated area(s) only, as written on the Permit and must vacate Campsite by 10am on day of departure.