Yalata Community Board

Yalata Community has many family groups. To ensure all voices in the community are heard, we have elected a Board of Directors that prioritises representation across our family groups.

Each of our six kinship groups are represented by two Directors, with an additional Director appointed as Chairperson.

Each Director manages a portfolio such as housing, child protection, health and sports, essential services, land management, education and youth, security and policing.

The Board meets monthly and holds regular community meetings to discuss board activity

As at January 2024, the Board is comprised of the following representatives:


  • Duane Edwards – Chairperson
  • Mark Young
  • Fabian Peel 
  • Dora Queama 
  • Benjamin Koko 
  • Greg Peters 
  • Derek Bryant 
  • Roslyn Peters 
  • Trevor Bryant 
  • Brian Queema 
  • Stephan Garray 
  • Lindsay Thomas 
  • David White – CEO