Present Day Yalata

Today, we have a range of programs that are generating new skills and employment opportunities.

This includes Working on Country, Woman’s Centre, Land Management, Youth Centre, Administration and Municipal Services. We introduced sustainable economic services, focused on employment for the community, with a Caravan Park and Roadhouse, 24/7 Fuel Station as well as providing camping and fishing access our beaches. Yalata also has a 24-hour clinic run by Tullawon Health, Yalata Anangu School for reception to Year 11, and a supermarket which is Community owned and operated.

Yalata has a strong cultural background with traditional practices. Storytelling is passed down to children from leaders and elders. Artefacts are made and sold through the Arts Centre hub.

Yalata Youth

Yalata’s large youth community is active through the Yalata Youth program that encourages ‘creative change’ through activities that are culturally significant to community and land. This includes a youth enterprise that offers our young people opportunities to showcase their skills, such as a coffee machine to brighten the mornings, or the sale of milkshakes and ice cream.

Our youth have created their own bush medicine sales by collecting and gathering with elders under cultural teachings.

Yalata Firewood

Our community came up with a way to help reduce energy costs by starting a business to cut and package firewood that is now sold nationally. 

The profits from these sales will be used to purchase solar panels for all the houses in Yalata to offset the energy costs. 

As part of Yalata Ranger program, our team work to rehabilitate the land with new trees which can live up to 500 years. Seeds are collected from healthy trees and soak in hot water to encourage germination. Being a very slow growing tree, the process can take a couple of years before the seedlings are planted in the ground. 

Sport and Community

The Yalata Community also enjoys participating in a range of annual events. The Don McSweeney Cup, named after the AFL great and Indigenous Ambassador, sees two teams from the Lands battle it out for the cup. NAIDOC Week also sees the Yalata and Ceduna communities unite to participate in the march, elders’ dinner and ball.

Yalata has church service every Sunday at 11:00am in the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, and has one pastor and a lay pastor.